Mist in gas has bad impact in various aspects, including environmental pollution, corrosion, and loss of raw
materials. Mist that are mechanically generated from scrubber, cooling tower, and vaporizing pipes,
generally has relatively large mist with tens to hundreds of microns in diameter. Micro mist is generated by
condensations or chemical reaction of gas.
We have been producing and supplying Wire Mesh type of Demisters and have completed localizing Baffled Mist Eliminator in our production line.

Knitted Wire Mesh Pad Demister is also called as Wire Mesh Mist Eliminator, Wire Mesh Separator, and Wire Mesh Blanket.
It is a type of filter that separates and removes mist or dust from fluid and a chemical reaction accelerator.
Demister can be semi-permanent. That is made of various materials according to condition of usages, and its structures is very simple for convenient installation and repair.

Wire mesh demisters are optionally available in varies of metal and plastic material as follows:
1. Metal: Stainless steel SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, others as request
2. Plastic: PP (Poly Propylene), PE (Poly Ethylene)

Applications by Industries
• Petroleum Filtering            • Petrochemical Plants    • Natural Gas/City Gas Plants
• Chemical Fertilizer Plants        • Lactic Acid Plants        • Salt Factories
• Sugar Factories            • Pulp Factories        • Alcohol Factories
• Food Factories            • Steel Plants     
• Oxygen Plants            • Chemical Plants

Applications by Equipments
• Absorbers            • Air Washers        • Air Conditions    • Air Filters
• Catch-Alls            • Crystallizers        • Cooling Towers    • Fractioning Columns
• Deodorizers            • Dissolver Tank    • Ducts        • Scrubbers
• Evaporators            • Flash Towers    • Gas Absorbers    • Steam Separators
• Gas Cleaners        • Kettles        • Knock-Out Drums     
• Vacuum Towers        • Separators        • Stacks    

Various Usages of Demisters
• Vacuum Tower
   Treatment volume has increased 35% by demister, and quality of oil shall be increased.
• Absorber
   A gasoline plant has saved costs within 1 month by glycol absorber (Demister installation).
• Knock-Out Drum & Separator
   It is enough to use with small size of drum by demister.
• Gas Separator Vessels
   Purified gas of 1/100,000,000 by collection of hydrocarbon from gas.
• Evaporator
   Lower product loss and distinctive higher purity.
• Scrubber
   Caustic soda factory use demister to protect air pollution as an example.
• Distillation Column
   Distillation ratio shall be increased by demister, and it has 20% of increased treatment volume and
   maximized purity.
• Dust Collector
   It has advanced capacity to collect dust as Wet type of dust collector.

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