The Gauge Hatch is designed to provide a simple and easy access to vapor space of bulk storage tanks, for manual dipping the contents, gauging depth/level and temperature, product sampling, tank inspection, cleaning, and maintenance.
The hatch must be manually opened allowing convenient access through the hole opening to the tank.
The hinged design allows the use of a lever principal counterweight.
Optional lockable and unlockable versions are available. The lockable gauge hatches have locking-screw to prevent inadvertent or unauthorized opening, and it is becoming the best and most popular model.
The installations are mounted on the tank roof and bolted to the tank manhole flange.
When properly installed, they provide an effective vapor seal with perfectly leak-free.
They are designed as a non-sparking unit, offers safe operation. This feature is also very useful in cold environments or when dealing with hazardous products.

The Different Models of Our Storage Tank Gauge Hatch Covers
In design, they are available in many various models, but basically in production, our lockable hinged tank gauge hatches are mainly available in two different basic options, they are Lift Cap and Shift Cap models, where both they are advanced designed for all applications.
They are as follows:

1. Model SGH-L (Lift Hinged Cap/Cover)
Hinged-cover gauge hatch is a standard and most popular model.
The safety foot pedal is designed to be easily opened by foot and/or knee, it leaves the operator hands-free.
The cover must be manually lifted, but allows the operator to eliminate the need to remove work gloves or set down hand tools.
This allows the operator to open the hatch whilst remaining hands-free to carry out required measuring.

2. Model SGH-S (Shift Hinged Cap/Cover)
This model is flat style, more simple, tidy, and good looking. This is designed to be opened by feet and/or hands, the cover must be manually shifted.

The application can be for all storage tanks for all working mediums, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, aromatic naphtha, air, etc. or other petrochemical materials.

Features & Benefits
• Easy access for manual dipping, gauging, sampling, inspection, cleaning, and maintenance
• Hands-free operating
• Flexibility:    Available in wide range of sizes to suit diverse systems
Available in wide range of connection types to suit diverse standards
Available in wide range of materials to suit diverse applications
• Teflon seal ensures safe tight sealing
• Low leakage, available with gas-tight seal at <2.5 psig
• Lockable lid, available as an option to increase safety and reduce losses
• Optimized design, integral condensation rim reduces effects of freezing
• Non-sparking, available as an option with a PTFE or Nitrile Rubber insert
• Robust construction, built to withstand regular use in adverse conditions
• Simple and low cost maintenance and cleaning
• Superior quality

The item’s body materials are available in Aluminum, Carbon Steel, 304 Stainless Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, and other metals on request.
As our standard, carbon steel material is supplied in Epoxy finish coated.

The Gauge Hatch is available in the standard range of sizes from 4” (DN100) to 12” (DN300), and can be ordered with one of the two optional clamp covers.
The flange drillings according to ANSI #150 or API 650, FF flanges as standard, but different connections such as DIN, JIS standard, and other designs are available on request.
Remark: Flange connection adopt HG/T20592-2010, PN1.0 MPa, and also available on request according to HG, JB, ANSI-B16.5, JIS.

Ambient temperature : -20 ºC to +60 ºC
Body and seal are designed for process temperature ranges : 34 ºF (1 ºC) to 140 ºF (60 ºC)
Maximum working pressure of the clamped cover versions is 0.6 MPa (87.0 psig / 6 bar).

Ordering Information
1. Model
2. Body material
3. Size
4. Type of connection flange
5. Flange standard based on ANSI, JIS, DIN, or API
6. Rating class of flange

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